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Corporate Shredding:

Accounts and Personnel are obvious departments that produce highly sensitive information that is extremely useful to competitors and bin raiders:
• Salary information
• Personal data
• Internal memos
• Financial reports
• Budget information
But there is sensitive information in other departments as well:


• Production methods
• New tooling
• Product specifications
• Designs and drawings
• Material costs

Sales and Marketing

• Customer information
• Competitor information
• Market information
• New product development ideas
• Market research plans and results
• Sales forecast

And finally, don’t overlook areas such as Reception that can provide information about visitors, the building and facilities. Even photocopiers can be a source of sensitive information through spare or wasted copies left on the glass and then disposed of in normal rubbish. Don’t forget – as a company you are legally required to adequately dispose of sensitive information.

Personal Shredding:

Rogue Shred offers a variety of shredding services for the residential customers that would like to securely destroy documents, such as pre-approved credit card solicitations, bank statements, utility bills, even junk mail.

Rogue Shred can come to your residence and shred on site for a minimum charge or you can bring your documents to our customer service center where they will be locked in security bins and shredded every afternoon.

We also offer a pre-paid bag that you can purchase at the customers service center and bring it back to be shredded once you’ve filled it.  Give us a call to get current pricing for all these programs. 541-779-4161.

Be safe, shred it!

• Bank statements
• Credit card slips
• Utility bills
• Mobile phone bills
• Purchase receipts
• Cash point receipts
• Even junk mail—anything that contains your name and address

OKAY to shred:

• Paper clips
• Binder clips
• Staples
• Metal folder fasteners
• E-waste, (CD’s, VHS, reel-to-reel)*
• X-Ray’s*
* kept separate from paper waste and has separate price structure.
Thickness of the material or publication is not an issue.

NOT OKAY to shred:

• 3-ring binders
• Garbage
• Plastic bags
• Styrofoam